Lottery On-Chain Jackpot Game

Win Big with Billion Box Lottery 0n-chain - $50,000 or CO Project Guaranteed Prize!

The Lottery Jackpot project on the blockchain network has several intriguing strengths:

1.Lotto 5 digits, making it easier to bet compared to others.

2.Winning numbers are derived from the decimals of the closing prices minute time frame on Binance of BNB, ETH, and BTC,allowing everyone to independently verify the results on Binance. 13:00 UTC+0

3.Anyone can independently verify the winning numbers, making more transparent and trustworthy.

4.We are an on-chain lottery, ensuring secure and guaranteed payouts according to the contract, giving users full confidence in the process.

5.The prize money is assured and not shared in a pool, leading to bigger rewards for our participants.

6.Finally we will growth through a robust partner and distributor network. As the billionbox becomes more visible across various web pages, driven by the frontend decentralized applications (dApps) system, each transaction allocates a portion of the market share to both partners and distributors.

Jackpot is another interesting game under the Decimal Box that offers a guaranteed prize pool of $50,000. Ticket $5 The results come from decimals of BNB/USDT, ETH/USDT, and from BTC/USDT Binance combined together (The first decimals from BNB, the next two from ETH, and the last from BTC). Everyone can prove this from the Binance exchange. The game’s main objective is to match five digits correctly and win a prize of 10,000X of the bet amount.

In each round of the Jackpots function, there are a total of 100,000 tickets available for sale. It’s important to note that each ticket will have a unique set of five-digit numbers with no repetition. This means that every ticket sold has the potential to win the biggest prize available in the round.

Every round with the winning numbers had a total of 10,680 prizes up for grabs via Jackpots. The cumulative rewards for this round amounted to an impressive $266,100. This presents an exciting opportunity for players to participate in the Jackpots function and potentially claim their share of the substantial prize pool. The close price of BNB, ETH and BTC is at 13:00 UTC+0.

The ticket value is fixed at $5 USDT

Example: Winning numbers in this round “24105


  • Match 5 numbers (Jackpot): 24105

  • $50,000 (1 prize)

  • Total prize: $50,000

Match First 4 Numbers

  • Match first 4 numbers: 2410

  • $3,000 (9 prizes)

  • Total prize: $27,000

Match First 3 Numbers

  • Match first 3 numbers: 241

  • $500 (90 prizes)

  • Total prize: $45,000

Match First 2 Numbers

  • Match first 2 numbers: 24

  • $100 (900 prizes)

  • Total prize: $90,000

Match First 1 Number

  • Match first 1 numbers: 2

  • $5 (9,000 prizes)

  • Total prize: $45,000

Shuffle First 4 Numbers

  • Shuffle first 4 numbers: 0124 0142 0214 0241 0412 0421 1024 1042 1204 1240 1402 1420 2014 2140 2401 4012 4021 4102 4120 4201 4210

  • $20 (230 prizes)

  • Total prize: $4,600

Shuffle First 3 Numbers

  • Shuffle first 3 numbers: 124 142 214 412 421

  • $10 (450 prizes)

  • Total prize: $4,500

Winning Criteria

The digits on your ticket must match in the correct order to win.

Here’s an example lottery draw, with two tickets, A and B.

Ticket A: The first 3 digits and the last digit match, but the 4th digit is wrong, so this ticket only wins a “Match first 3” prize.

Ticket B: Even though the last 4 digits match , the first digit is wrong, so this ticket doesn’t win a prize.

Shuffle First 4 Numbers: Rearrange the first four numbers on your ticket to create new combinations, opening up numerous winning possibilities. If any of these shuffled combinations match the winning numbers, you could win $20 per winning combination.

Shuffle First 3 Numbers: Similar to the previous category, here you can rearrange your ticket's first three numbers to form different combinations. Winning combinations in this category also yield a $10 prize per combination.

**Prize brackets don’t ‘stack’: if you match the first 3 digits in order, you’ll only win prizes from the ‘Match first 3’ bracket, and not from ‘Match First 1’ and ‘Match First 2’.

Step 1 😄

Choose a 5-digit number from 0 to 9 or go for a random option.

Step 2 👍

Check your ticket with the chosen number sequence like "32453" and click "Buy." (To customize the new tickets, please press the Delete/Reset all numbers button.)

Step 3 🎉

Confirm your ticket to enter the Jackpot game and stand a chance to win big!

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