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Q.How did you get the idea to create BillionBox?

A. I had the idea to create BillionBox because I wanted to develop a lottery system with verifiable and transparent results, not generated from random numbers whose origins are unknown. I aimed to leverage blockchain technology to create the most efficient and reliable lottery game possible.

Q.Could you explain the essence of BillionBox. What kind of lotteries are available already on the platform?

A.BillionBox is a platform that uses decimal digits of cryptocurrencies to create various lottery games. It offers four types of lotteries:

  • Decimalbox: This lottery uses 5 decimal places of BTC from Chain link to determine the winning numbers. https://info.billionbox.io/products/the-decimal-box

  • Prediction: Prediction lottery utilizes 2 decimal places of BTC from Binance for drawing the winning numbers. https://info.billionbox.io/products/the-prediction-box

  • BBMax: BBMax includes lotteries that use 1 or 2 decimal places of BTC from Binance for determining the winning numbers. https://info.billionbox.io/products/the-bb-max-single-lotto-double-lotto

  • BillionBox Jackpot: This jackpot game draws winning numbers from cryptocurrencies such as BNB, ETH, and BTC from Binance. https://info.billionbox.io/products/lottery-on-chain-jackpot-game

These lotteries aim to provide transparency and fairness by utilizing blockchain technology and specific decimal places of cryptocurrency values in the selection process.

Q.Could you tell us about your competitors on the market, and what advantages do you have over them?

A.Competitors in the BillionBox market primarily focus on 6-number lottery games. The chances of winning in the BillionBox lottery are already more favorable because it uses 5 decimal places with a 1/100,000 chance, without specific number constraints as seen in most traditional lotteries. Furthermore, a key advantage of BillionBox is its true lottery on chian. We provide information for you to compare with other lotteries in the market, which you can find at BillionBox Lottery Comparison

Q.Could you provide more information about the BBOX token, its role within the ecosystem, and the advantages of owning it?


  • Use in Lottery Games: BBOX Tokens can be used to participate in various BillionBox lottery games, including Decimal Box and BillionBox Jackpot. Using BBOX Tokens for gameplay can enhance the payout rates, providing advantages to token holders.

  • Staking: Token holders can stake their BBOX Tokens. The staked tokens are added to the Prizes Bank Liquidity, and participants can earn rewards based on their proportional contributions to the liquidity pool. Staking BBOX Tokens can be a way to earn passive income within the ecosystem.

  • Token Burn: BillionBox has a mechanism in place to burn a portion of the tokens used in gameplay. This means that some BBOX Tokens are permanently removed from circulation with each use, potentially contributing to the token's scarcity and value appreciation.

Overall, owning BBOX Tokens offers users the opportunity to actively engage in BillionBox lottery games, earn rewards through staking, and potentially benefit from token scarcity due to the burning mechanism. These functions enhance the utility and value proposition of the BBOX Token within the BillionBox ecosystem.

Q.We are very curious, could you reveal your crucial partners?

A.Currently, our crucial partner is Azuro, which is a blockchain-based betting platform. We are currently integrating our backend systems, and in the future, the BBOX token will also be usable and stakable within their platform.


Q.Can you tell us about your current achievements, how many users are already using the lottery and briefly outline your plans for further development of BillionBox?

A.Currently, our system has around 60-80 users. We are actively working on enhancing the platform to promote sales, including:

Refer & Earn (Affiliate System): We are developing a referral system where users can invite their friends to join BillionBox. This system will have three tiers of commissions, allowing users to earn rewards for referring others. https://info.billionbox.io/products/lottery-on-chain-jackpot-game/refer-and-earn-up-to-20-soon

Frontend Dapps: We are working on integrating frontend DApps that can be embedded on partner websites. This will expand the accessibility of BillionBox games for users on partner platforms. https://info.billionbox.io/products/lottery-on-chain-jackpot-game/frontend-dapps

These developments are part of our ongoing efforts to grow the BillionBox user base and provide a more engaging and accessible lottery experience.

Q.Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project (Billionbox)? On what kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

A.Yes, token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the BillionBox project. They can vote on decisions related to creating new games or introducing games into the platform. This is because token holders benefit from staking and the income generated from these games is closely tied to the success of the project.

Q.It appears that the Prediction Box entails forecasting cryptocurrency price changes. How often are these predictions generated, and what constitutes the procedure for selecting the winners?

A.The Prediction Box involves forecasting the last 2 decimal places of the BTC price. Currently, the results of the game are generated every hour. We have opened rooms for players to bet on either "Low" (00-49) or "High" (50-99). In the near future, we plan to introduce rooms for even-odd numbers as well. Winners are determined based on whether the last 2 decimal places of the BTC price fall within the chosen range (Low or High).

Q.We're currently in the bear market. So As the current market situation is too unstable, it holds investors back. So can you give me some good reasons why I should buy $BBOX in this market situation? And also why should your token holder continue to hold?

A.Indeed, we are currently in a bear market, but it's worth considering the following reasons for considering $BBOX even in such market conditions:

Utility and Use Cases $BBOX tokens have clear utility within the BillionBox ecosystem. They can be used for playing lottery games, staking, and participating in governance decisions. The fact that it's a functional token tied to a real-use platform can provide value even during market downturns.

Long-Term Potential If you believe in the long-term potential of the BillionBox project and its ability to attract more users and grow its ecosystem, holding $BBOX tokens could be a way to participate in the project's success.

While the crypto market can be volatile, it's essential to assess tokens like $BBOX based on their underlying utility and long-term potential rather than solely market conditions. Holding tokens with clear use cases and value within a growing ecosystem can be a strategic investment approach even in challenging market situations.

Q.I want to support your project, Tell us more about the Ambassador Program and in what ways can we participate ?

A.Currently, we have the following ways for you to support and participate in the BillionBox project

Refer & Earn (AFFILIATE System): You can become part of our referral program, where you invite friends or acquaintances to join BillionBox. This program has three tiers of commissions, allowing you to earn referral rewards

Frontend Dapps: This involves integrating frontend DApps that can be embedded on partner websites. By participating in this program, you help bring BillionBox games to a wider audience

If you are interested in supporting BillionBox through these programs or want to learn more, you can contact us on Telegram at "billionbox."

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