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Unlock Your Potential with Billion Box VIP Membership: Early Support Brings Exclusive Benefits

Introducing the Billion Box VIP Membership! As an early supporter of our platform, you can unlock your potential and get exclusive benefits by joining our VIP membership program.

By purchasing a VIP membership for $100, you will receive:

  • VIP Club access with special promotions and bonuses

  • Community Airdrops for exclusive rewards

  • First Beta Test access for our upcoming products

  • Early access to future game releases

  • BB Token Airdrops for holding VIP membership


Early Supporter

Be among the first to access Billion Box Games' latest products and features

BB Native Token Airdrop

Receive BB token airdrops and be part of our exclusive VIP club

Community Airdrops

Participate in exclusive airdrops available only to VIP members

First Beta Test Access

Get access to beta versions of our upcoming games and help shape their development

Discounted Ticket Prices

Enjoy reduced ticket prices for Decimal Pool rounds

Exclusive VIP Events and Rewards

Access exclusive events and earn rewards only available to VIP members

Don't miss out on this opportunity to join the Billion Box VIP Membership program and receive over $10,000 worth of benefits in the future!

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