🎟️Billion Box lottery (Comparison)

Join Lotto Experience with 5 Decimal Digits

Our Jackpots feature a 5-digit format, making it the easiest and most accessible on-chain lottery in the market.Players can engage effortlessly, eliminating complexity and enhancing the gaming experience.

Transparent Winning Numbers

Our winning numbers are generated from the decimals of BNB, ETH, and BTC closing prices minute time frame on Binance at 13:00 UTC+0 daily. Players can independently verify results on Binance . This unparalleled transparency enhances trust and credibility, providing real-time assurance to our players. Unlike other vendors that use a random system with results sourced from undisclosed origins.

Highest Probability in on-chain market

Our Jackpots bring a multitude of prizes and boast the highest payout rate, ensuring unparalleled rewards. Players enjoy significantly larger payouts for their accurate predictions. Unlike other platforms where prize money is divided, our unique model ensures the winner receives the full prize money.

Transparency and Verifiable Results

By embracing an on-chain lottery model, we ensure payouts are secure and guaranteed by smart contracts, creating a seamless, tamper-proof experience.Users can engage confidently, knowing their rewards are fortified by the power of blockchain technology.

Jackpots On Chain for Ultimate Trust

Billion Box Jackpots are entirely on-chain, leveraging the power of smart contracts to create the ultimate trustworthiness in the lotto experience. Players engage with confidence, assured that their gaming and winning journey is backed by secure blockchain technology and transparent smart contracts.

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